Communion at Faith Lutheran in Everett, WA

No pre-requisites here.

Whether you are a life-long Lutheran, a new Christian, or just have many faith questions, you are welcome here.

Worshiping Sundays at 10:30am

A Letter From our Pastor

“Each day is an opportunity to love and serve our neighbors”

Grounded in God's unconditional love shown to the world through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we at Faith Lutheran Church seek to join God in God’s life giving activity. Centered in weekly worship, we gather to be comforted, strengthened, and sent to live out God's love and grace in the week ahead. We believe that in baptism each day is an opportunity to love and serve our neighbors as we carry out our daily tasks, whether at work, at home or at play.

When you join Faith Lutheran for worship, you will be greeted warmly, and invited to participate in our weekday ministries. We are a church that belongs to Christ; there is a place for you here! You are welcome to participate in weekly worship. If you like using your gifts of time and talents in service to others, great! If you would rather sit back than participate, that's great also! We acknowledge that most of us are at different places in our life and faith journey, but together we can grow as present day disciples of Christ. Whether you are a life-long Lutheran, a new Christian or just have many faith questions, you are welcome to come as you are! We are passionate about God's grace in Jesus Christ most visible to us in his crucifixion and resurrection. Christ's life giving love frees us to care for our neighbor and care for God's creation. We hope to worship with you soon and get to know you.

In Christ's Service,
Pastor Diana Bottin

Worship at Faith Lutheran Church on Sundays at 10:30am

What to expect when you visit

Worship service at Faith Lutheran in Everett, WA

When you visit Faith Lutheran for worship you can expect to find plenty of parking and be greeted warmly. From there you can help yourself to the coffee and head into the sanctuary. Adults will be given a bulletin that contains the whole service... no need to flip through a hymnal, unless you want to. Children get a fun pack to keep them entertained, but if they make noise it's no problem. Everyone loves the sound of children!

Worship follows a liturgical format, which includes plenty of singing, an uplifting message, and communion. We also include a children's sermon and opportunity to share the peace every week during the hour-long service. After worship you are welcome to take off, but we'd love it if you came for a few minutes of refreshments and conversation in the fellowship hall.

Other opportunities to engage

If you don't feel comfortable in a worship format we understand.
You can still find community at Faith Lutheran Church in Everett. Here are some opportunities:

Community Meals
There's a free community meal every Tuesday of the month from 5-6pm in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome!
Every Wednesday morning at 10am you will find a fun group of quilters in Faith's Fellowship Hall. Since 2003 the quilters have made over 2,000 quilts.
Faith Food Bank
The Faith Food Bank is open Fridays from 11am-1pm. This is a great opportunity to get involved in your community.
English Language Learners Class
This free class is from 6:30-8pm every Wednesday in the Fellowship Hall at Faith Lutheran Church. Free childcare is provided.

Faith In Everett

Pictures from a typical week at Faith Lutheran Church